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ABOUT NEXUS SYSTEMS It is an electronic world, and The world revolves around technology, to create real estate operations easy and flexible, Nexus System has come to this effect. Since the commencement of Its full operations in 1999, Nexus Systems has stood firm in providing the highest quality solutions, excellent results and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Year in year out, the machine has increased business process efficiency. Nexus provides AP Automation and payments alternative explicitly built for real estate. Gone are those days when many paperwork was being done after purchases. The company has different online platforms that enable real estate firms to handle their entire accounts payable lifecycle from procurement to payment, electronic bills, manage orders, full control of your spending. Nexus Systems Partnered with 30 Organizations to enhance the efficacy of their services rendered to its customers. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES The Nexus Systems Professional services evolve to satisfy every customer needs; Quite simply, professional Services are client-centered. Nexus is determined in making your goals our goal. Principal professional Service includes customers management of accounts and projects, offers training to clients to allow them grasp and use the software with no complications, assessing contents and performance, client research components, nicely explanatory servicing instructions, data transformation, and consultation build-ups to mention but at a few. Nexus Systems also Specializes on account payable automation, AP software, Procure-to-Pay, Upgrades, efficacy, reporting, invoice management, GL integration, purchase order, P2P, OCR, project costing, budget management, intuitive, approval workflow, cellular, vendor portalsite, spend management, Invoice Payments, Supplier Payments. WHY CHOOSE NEXUS SYSTEMS Stated under and more you Will reach with Nexus Helping customers achieve Business needs and goals Professional and expert advice Easy-to-use supplier's portal Strengthening provider's relationships Simple payment mode Solving the problems on electronic payments Time saver and cost saver. Paperless transactions More